The high-level Monthly Group Coaching Program for ambitious Digital Entrepreneurs…who are READY to go to 6-figures & beyond!
The high-level Monthly Group Coaching Program for ambitious Digital Entrepreneurs…who are READY to go to 6-figures & beyond!
Your business is thriving. You know who you are & you know where you’re going.

You’re doing it!

But you also KNOW you’re meant for so much more.
  • Bigger & better launches of your memberships & programs…
  • More 1:1 clients you love working with…
  • An online business that gives you the lifestyle you really want, without working all the hours or feeling tied to your business every second of every day…
All the things you know you’re meant for? They’re entirely possible for you!

But you can’t do it all on your own.

And if you’re craving a place where you truly find your people - the ones who ‘get’ you; who celebrate your victories with you & support you through your challenges & struggles…

You’ve found us. Welcome to Ignite!

A high-level rolling monthly group coaching program, to light your business on fire.

To scale your dreams, your income & your impact…and take you to the next level (FAST)!

So HOW exactly will we take your business to 6 figures & beyond?

With the RIGHT launch plan + the RIGHT support!

Inside Ignite, you’ll discover the most powerful training & support to get you to those next level results, by focusing on:
  • Creating Your Next-Level Launch Plan exactly how you’ll launch, when & mapping out the perfect journey to turn your audience into paying clients

  • Building Your Audience step by step, how to grow your community of ideal clients, so you have enough people in your world to reach your big goals

  • Building Your Connection so you’ve not just got an audience but a highly engaged audience, who can’t WAIT to buy from you each time you launch!

  • ​Building Your Launch List to get the right people into & signing up for your launch (like your challenge, webinar or live event – whichever launch plan you’ve made!)

  • ​Building Your Sales – everything you need so that when you open your cart, you maximise the number of people visiting your sales page & BUYING

  • ​Launch Essentials – we’ll dive into all the other core elements you need to scale your launches. Like organic promotion; getting Facebook Ads working; other traffic sources; referrals & partnerships; landing pages; onboarding emails (and so much more)…

And, of course, IMPLEMENTATION

Because Ignite isn’t just about learning more stuff…it’s about having the right people in your corner & surrounding yourself with the right support.
Becoming part of an incredible community of ambitious business owners like you, who truly get it. Who inspire you, cheer you on & support you to take bigger & bigger ACTION!

Every month, you’ll get…

  • Powerful trainings, that you can implement fast for REAL results
  • Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls, to make huge progress towards your goals
  • Hand-picked Guest Experts, to share their expertise & inspire you
  • ​A library of high-level resources, to dip into whenever you need them
  • ​Laser-focused Sprints, to go all in together & take MASSIVE action…
  • ​And of course, the support of an incredible community of like-minded entrepreneurs, inside a private Facebook group. So we’re all on hand whenever you have a question, start to wobble or have a huge win to celebrate!

And the investment for ALL this?

You don’t need to invest £000s in expensive coaching, to get the results you want…

Join Ignite today for just £197!

Right now, it’s just £197 a month, on a rolling month-by-month basis (with NO contract tying you in).

But the investment WILL be going up…

So come on in today & get all the support you need, for however long you need it!
"There is no one else that we trust with our ads and launches than the one and only Liz Melville. She runs all our campaigns, is our Head Coach inside my Next Level program, and she is my go to person to teach Facebook ads to others.”

James Wedmore
"Liz Melville puts you in the driver’s seat of your marketing. 

She breaks down all phases of a launch, step-by-step, including how to find new audiences for your product/services and how to create, monitor and adjust your ads to fill your launch. 

Her worksheets are simple and effective, and her strategic approach eliminates guess work. 

In my first attempt, I had a successful beta launch and 5 Xed my ad spend following her instructions. She is also very caring and genuinely interested in your success.”

Miguel Franco
"I'd followed Liz for a while and love her way of talking about marketing and promoting our businesses - it felt genuine and not hustle led. 

I joined her program to support my own launch and it was the best one I've ever had. Meaning, it was more organised, less stressful, felt easier, had the biggest impact on my numbers and brought in the exact community and clients that I wanted to work more with. 

Liz's calm, knowledgable and logical way of helping you with your whole launch was an absolute game changer for me and I highly recommend working with her to do the same for you."

Emily Hodge
"Liz has helped me grow my business on so many levels. Her knowledge is second to none and she makes things straight forward enough that even I can follow her steps. But more than that she shows you how to understand what is working, what to change and how to keep testing until you hit your goals. And, when you hit your goals she is there to celebrate with you and encourage you to grow again.

Liz's coaching style is direct and supportive. She takes the emotion out of your blocks to make launching less stressful.Through Liz's coaching I learnt to think and react quicker to my numbers to get the best results I could from my launch.I can't recommend working with Liz highly enough as she is a fantastic business coach."

Sarah Hedderly

What’s Included In The Ignite Mastermind Experience?

  • Monthly Mastermind call with Hot Seat Coaching
  • ​VIP Private Facebook group
  • ​6 months of Voxer access and coaching with Liz 
  • ​​1 x private, mastermind retreat (location and times to be confirmed)
  • ​1 x private, mastermind retreat (location and times to be confirmed)
  • ​Guest expert sessions on a range of topics (eg copy, team building, tech
  • ​Access

Investment required for successful applicants is
£4500 pay in full
6 payments of £750

In case we don’t know each other yet…

Over the last few years, I’ve gone from being a time strapped, overwhelmed mum & business owner, to a multiple 6-figure CEO (which I feel incredibly proud to say!).

I’ve helped some of the industry’s top online marketers generate millions of revenue in course sales & grow their businesses exponentially…

While supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level.

Am I right the right person to help you?
Well - my superpower is taking your big goals & giving YOU all the practical support & nitty gritty details you need, so you smash them with your best launches ever…

Without sucking all the joy or fun out of your business!

So if that sounds like exactly what you need, I KNOW this will just be perfect for you.

I can’t tell you the difference it’s made for me, being in high-level coaching & mentoring groups to truly accelerate my own journey to multiple 6-figures.

It’s why I’m so passionate about Ignite & creating this space for you, so you too feel completely supported & guided & on fire!

I can’t wait to welcome you inside,

Honestly! Ignite is perfect for you if:

  • Over 50% of your business is online (courses, programs, coaching, memberships, workshops etc)
  • You know where you’re going & what you want…you just want to get there faster!
  • You have existing offers & you want to scale & sell MORE of them online
  • ​You’re ambitious, driven & determined
  • ​You feel like you’ve hit a growth plateau OR you’re just ready for the next level now
  • ​You want to feel so proud of what you’re doing, launching & creating
  • ​You want to have massive impact through your work & creative huge financial results…BUT without feeling bored, weighed down or shackled to your business!


Ready to light your business on fire & scale to 6-figures beyond, so much faster that you ever believed possible…
Ready for your best-ever launches, feeling totally clear & in control & fired up…
Ready to meet the people who’ll become your closest new business friends, with all the support (and fun!) of THE most incredible community…

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